Avoid the cost of rehire through background checks

Over the past month, we have talked about the importance of background checks and criminal screening during the hiring process. Employees, the most important resource of a company, can easily turn into an asset or a liability if hired correctly. We came across an interesting infographic through Business.com emphasizing the need for a dedicated screening process for every hire. With the help of simple but spirited graphic strips the blogger shares some interesting facts and figures that demystify and justify the reasons for background screening.

Surprisingly cost of re hiring a mid to senior level employee is twice more than the cost of conducting a complete background screening for over 20 applicants. The large number of workplace violence and theft incidence numbers reiterate the need for companies to develop a dedicated screening process. Such small measure can not only keep these incidence in check but also decrease the jobless rate.


Visit Business.com for background checks and other business resources.

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4 Responses to Avoid the cost of rehire through background checks

  1. Eveline says:

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  2. Carminha says:

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  3. Kamila says:

    Whomever is proposing to hire you is rbslonsiepe for starting the check. They have to ask the state to run the check or they have to run it themselves. It wouldn’t be a very trustworthy check if you ran it.

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